Tips & Info

Thinking of painting?

Before obtaining quotes for painting please consider getting a wash down .

This helps you by determining what surfaces require painting (on many surfaces we can clean so successfully that a paint job is not required! ESPECIALLY ROOFS)

Pre-cleaning also helps painting contractors to provide more accurate quotes for you by exposing the true condition of surfaces and highlighting areas that require repairs or preparation .

This can prevent possible nasty unseen surprises for contractor  and extra charges for you the client after job commencement

Roof Painting and Cleaning:

We are fully qualified to provide you with a written assessment of  the current condition of your roof surface and work with you to provide a coating system most suitable for your home.

Over the years we have and continue to see incorrectly applied roof coatings failing due to incorrect application by unskilled labour.

Application of roof coating should only be applied by a qualified and experienced applicator !!

Beware of large companies using incorrectly or untrained labour.

Problems caused by incorrect application and inadequate preparation are very costly to repair and in some instances may require re-sheeting\tiling roof.

Serious common mistakes made are:

Spraying in windy condition and\or using worn airless tips: this results in excessive over spray which can impact on uncovered surfaces nearby but more concerning for homeowner is the formation of dry spray on coating .

 This dry spray creates a rough surface which traps dirt and organic contaminants allowing what is commonly called black mould to form and breed(actually a species of cyanobacteria known as Gloeocapsa Magma )

This is a common occurrence on incorrectly applied white heat reflective coatings.

Due to the heat absorbing  black colour of bacteria and its rapid growth it quickly destroys the heat reflective qualities of such coatings!

Another common mistake is insufficiently  cleaning a roof before application of coatings.

If roof is not sterilized after pressure cleaning and prior to application of coating existing bacteria will continue to grow  and re colonise roof surface resulting in unsightly discoloration and heat absorption.


We can clean and restore all surfaces on your home to their former glory and keep them that way.

Maintaining your asset allows you and your family to live in a clean healthy environment free from mould, dust, pollen and spiderwebs.

Especially benefiting those that suffer from allergies and asthma.

Regular cleaning and \or painting prolongs the life of exterior surfaces , and maintains warranties on roof products\coatings and exterior paint jobs and this saves you big money in the long run!