Our Equipment

We have state of the art painting and cleaning equipment allowing us to get the job done right!





This 4×4 light truck allows us to carry all equipment needed to complete a wide range of jobs and reach even very  remote jobs reliably.



Wash and Spray Trailer


Carries our pressure wash and spray units along with 1000 Litres of water, chemicals and cleaning equipment.

Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

This carries blasting media for wet sandblast operations and/or  other bulk materials such as large paint quantities.

Mobile Scaffolding

Our 6 metre aluminium mobile scaffold unit.


Graco 1095 Ultramax Airless Spray Unit

The big boy of the Graco range , this unit allows us to operate two guns simultaneously, run very long  spray lines and spay a large range of products. The ultimate machine for roof painting.

Graco Pro X2 Handheld Unit

The ultimate in portability, this unit allows quick setups, clean up and ability change colours very efficiently.

Window Cleaning EZY PURE RO\\DI unit

This awesome machine allows us to filter water with reverse osmosis and de-ionisation technology and deliver through our 10m telescopic Tucker water fed pole and broom.

This allows us to clean windows, shop signage and  panels  from ground level up to 10 metres without ladders, squeege’s , elevated work platforms or harsh chemicals and deliver a spot and streak free finish.

Softwash System

Our custom 12 v softwash system allows us to deliver degreasers, acids and mould killing treatments in high concentrations wherever required .

This system means we can tackle the dirtiest, nastiest jobs and get them clean the most efficent way available.

Application and rinsing is performed at low pressure and is perfect for sensitive surfaces that could be damaged by traditional pressure washing.

This system operates on 12 volt power and makes minimal noise allowing us to perform cleaning with minimal disruption in  sensitive environments.

Spitwater Pressure Washing Units

We currently run 4 units ranging from 3650ps x 15 litres per minute up to 3500psi x 30 litres per minute.

Our hot water unit allows us to deliver water at temperatures up to 90 deg C, effectively removing gum, killing germs and melting away fats and grease.

These machines are industrial and rated for continuous operation and can get jobs done efficiently.

By comparison most homeowner grade machines cannot exceed  9 litres per minute and are not rated for continuous operation.  They are however commonly able to reach pressures of 3500 to 4000 psi and cause major damage to surfaces very easily. 

It is important to remember that in order to clean surfaces effectively high psi is not often required, it is the volume of water delivered that does the real work.